Cleveland Cavaliers: Which free agent should Cavs bring back?

Cleveland Cavaliers Marquese Chriss (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Marquese Chriss (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images) /

Which one of the Cleveland Cavaliers three unrestricted free agents should the organization retain for the 2019-2010 season?

The Cleveland Cavaliers enter the offseason with some much needed buzz, as the franchise boasts two first-round picks in the 2019 NBA Draft.

As the organization and its fan base waits to find out where the first pick will be, we know for a fact Cleveland will be picking 21st, too.

But until the draft, Wine & Gold Country can debate the current roster, like which free agent would you bring back in 2019?

The Cavs won’t be adding any free agents because there’s no money to play with, but you can always re-sign your own guys.

In theory, the Cavs could probably sign all three if they really wanted to, just because Cleveland’s got to fill out the roster.

That wouldn’t make for a fun column though, so we’ll go through the unrestricted free agents and pick a lucky player to return when it’s all said and done.

David Nwaba, who’s Chris Fedor wrote was the most likely to “stick,” gets exluded because he’s a restricted free agent.

(Imagine game-show voice) Welcome everybody, it’s time to play “Pick your lower-tier free agent,” and today’s contestants are Nik StauskasDeng Adel and Marquese Chriss).

Stauskas: The Michigan product found his way to Cleveland via a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers, he was then flipped in the three-team trade that netted the Cavs Houston’s 2019 first-round pick.

He was then immediately dealt to Indiana and promptly waived. Three days later, he re-signed withe Cavs.

Stauskas, a 6-foot-6 shooting guard, shot .429 from 3-point range during 24 games with the Cavaliers last season. It’s a valuable skills, but he doesn’t do much else.

With that said, he’s the former eighth overall pick from the 2014 NBA Draft. Perhaps he just needs more opportunities.

Adel: He played in 19 games (averaging about 10 minutes per game), started three, and averaged a whopping 1.7 points per game.

The native of Sudan is 22, and he’s really raw.

On the upside, the Cavs could probably sign him to a two-way deal and develop him some in Canton. With that said, teams are only allowed to sign two-way deals with two players.

Would they want to take another go-round with Adel, or tryout somebody else?

Chriss: Chriss, the eighth overall pick from the 2016 draft, is on his third team. He averaged around 14 minutes per night and played in 27 games with Cleveland.

HIs athleticism is obvious, but getting to the point where you can trust him to play as a consistent contributor seems miles away.

He averaged 5.7 points per game for the Cavs, and would probably find playing time sparce behind Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance Jr.

The Winner: Stauskas would be the keeper for me. Having someone who can shoot 3-pointers isn’t going out of style anytime soon and his late-season shooting percentage is enough to keep me intrigued.

Chriss would be my runner up, because his athleticism will convert you into a believer in his upside. He did shoot 35 percent from 3-point range in college, but he’s never come close to that in the NBA.

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Plus, if the Cavs gets get Zion Williamson, Cleveland’s not going to need another big forward and since the Cavaliers need an influx of positivity, let’s assume the lottery balls come up Wine & Gold.