Cleveland Indians’ massive nosedive on disappointing season continues

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians, coming off a three-game sweep at the hands of the A’s, are torpedoing into a giant landfill of disappointment.

Fans of the Cleveland Indians better have enjoyed the last few years, because the future looks bleak, and it’s probably going to stay that way for a very long time.

Now 25-23 an 7.0 games behind the Twins in the Central, I feel bad the Indians are waisting a year of  Francisco Lindor, who will be two years away from free agency at season’s end. The Cavs have a better chance of Zion falling to fifth as the Indians do of extending the All-Star shortstop. He very well could be traded this offseason so that the Indians can maximize max return.

As for replacing Lindor, there are no immediate replacements. Get ready for the Tribe to spin Eric Staments and his “Gold Glove caliber leather.”

Speaking of the minors, the farm system of the Cleveland Indians is rated 25th by Bleacher Report. Why do you think the Tribe was trying to trade Corey Kluber and, or Trevor Bauer before the season started?

If you don’t think the other teams realize that, you are sadly mistaken! They are going to consistently get cheap offers for trade material as the opponents know management is desperate and the other organizations will drive a hard bargain.

As reference, look no further than what the Indians got in return for Yandy Diaz for instance. He started the season on roll, although he has cooled a little. Either way, he’s exceeding expectations.

Meanwhile, the key player for the Indians in that takeaway (No, I’m not forgetting Santana), Jake Bauer, couldn’t buy a hit with a $100 gift card to the iTunes store.

Also as you can see Jose Ramirez has come back down to earth. Both offensively and defensively. He just hasn’t been the same. Terry Franconia  keep preaching he’ll come out of it anytime now, meanwhile the season is hitting the quarter-poll.

if you saw any of the final game in the Oakland series the Tribe looked like they were just going through the motions.

They’d better snap out of it because the schedule’s been relatively light to this point. That’s right: The worst is coming.

Fox Sports Sportstime Ohio’s Rick Manning hit on one thing, recently, saying the Indians seem to be playing individually, instead of as a team!

Point taken. There’s a lot of youngsters here who just want to get a couple hits so they can stay on the field. The result is guys pressing, trying to do too much.

The Indians currently find themselves tied with the Red Sox for the second wild card spot. But who’s kidding themselves. The lineup has one man (Lindor) who scares opposing pitchers right now. Carlos Santana has cooled from his hot start and is decent. Other than that? Crickets.

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Meanwhile, the seats in the stadium get emptier and emptier! The Tribe ranks 24th in attendance, averaging around 16,000 per game. You got what you wanted Paul Dolan. Reap what you sew, much?