Cleveland Indians: Top 4 All-Star Game performances of all time

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Throughout the history of the MLB All-Star Game, the Cleveland Indians haven’t just participated, they’ve made history. Here’s there top 4 all-time performers.

The MLB All-Star Game is when the game’s players are expected to shine the brightest and throughout the history of the contest, players representing the Cleveland Indians have delivered.

MLB’s exhibition honoring its best players trumps the other major sports by a mile. Players genuinely seem like they’re there to play well and win. No wants to embarrass themselves in front of their peers, and the injury risk is low, so the product is usually excellent.

The Indians hosted the MLB All-Star game for the sixth time since the first All-Star game was played in 1933. Missed that game? It’s when Babe Ruth is reported to have called his shot. The All-Star game MVP didn’t come into existence until 1962. Maury Wills won it, by the way.

If your’e a baseball fan, witnessing your hometown player crush it in the All-Star game is as memorable as it gets, because let’s face it. Not all the games have the excitement of 1997.

The 2019 game lacked exciting moments, but with that said, it wasn’t boring. Pitchers worked efficiently. Yes there were strikeouts, but there were base hits, not just home runs! There was even a double-steal. It was just a well played games between the best players in the world.

And again, the Indians made an impact on the night that will go down in history, with Shane Bieber winning the MVP award for striking out the side.

It’s just the latest great all-time Indian performance in All-Star game, and hopefully, it won’t be the last. With that said, here’s the top four Tribe performers in the exhibition’s history.