Can anything slow down the Cleveland Browns hype train?

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Our Voice of the Fan wonders if anything can slow down the Cleveland Browns’ hype train as a season loaded with expectations is set to commence.

With all the expectations encompassing the opening of Training Camp, the Cleveland Browns are about six weeks away from when the games begin to count and we begin to see if that can come close to living up to all the hype.

It’s been quite sometime since the kingdom of fans who have supported this team through the thick and thin have had a season to look forward to.

But this once proud franchise appears ready to rise from the dead.

It’s been tough for some fans. Some walked away from season tickets after suffering through losing season after losing season. The once who kept their tickets often times had trouble giveng them for free.

Ask some if they “Want to go see Bruce Gradkowski in late December on the lakefront?” and they might try to get you arrested for attempted assault!

Fans have been tested like no other group of fans in sports, but the support’s been active through it all. Heck, this team just 7-8-1 last season and it was still enough to earn Clevelands’ fan the rank of No. 1 fandom in all sports, according to FanSided.

Now, at the risk of being some rain on this parade, there’s a lot of “Ifs.”

The offensive line is still the most troubling spot as they have yet to find another Joe Thomas. The old strength of the previous Browns is now a weak spot with no true all-pro coming to light.

Greg Robinson did have a better season at left tackle than he has in the past. But he’s no Joe when it comes to protecting Bakers blind side!

It looks like Austin Corbett is destined to be a back up even though he was a higher draft choice. Though they might draft one this year but they have been hoping for a free agent or someone to step up?

There’s one big thing to remember: This team’s chances truly rest on the shoulders of  three or four key players!

The biggest of which is quarterback Baker Mayfield! If Baker is healthy, this team is going to be fine. If he gets hurt. Well, the season’s probably over.

At just about every position on the roster, including quarterback, the back ups are thin in playing time and experience as far as the NFL goes.

The crop of backup quarterbacks is as thin as the other positions. The case was recently made here as to why there should be a backup QB battle. Stanton has time with team but not a lot of playing time. The rest of the crop, other than Gilbert has little to no experience.

So we’re one play away from one of them taking over! Maybe we should hold our collective breath and hope for the best?

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After all, “The best” could be really, really, really, really good. Get excited, Browns Town, you’ve earned it, but don’t lose sight of what could be.