Cleveland Browns: 5 Browns who need a great game vs Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns Damion Ratley (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Damion Ratley (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /
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4. Greg Joseph

Why does Greg Joseph need a great game more than Austin Seibert. Because he seems to have a slight lead in the competition, based off reports coming out of Berea.

If that truly is the case, Joseph needs to a great game to clamp down this job.

That means making all the point after attempts and maybe even doing something crazy, like splitting the uprights on a 45-50 yard field goal. Give the coaches a reason to give you the job!

Joseph is on this list because the kicking situation is obviously a dumpster fire. It’s gotten so bad that the Scottish Hammer, Jamie Gillan, who was brought to camp as punter, was trying field goals at practice on Tuesday.

When asked if Gillan was going to get a shot, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi couldn’t tell if Freddie Kitchens was being serious, or answering “toungue-in-cheek.”

With two preseason games to go, these guys are who we thought they were.

Seibert has potential, but he was never really asked to kick in a high-pressure situation at Oklahoma. Lincoln Riley’s offenses were too busy scoring touchdowns, and that’s why the rookie rarely ever tried a kick from beyond 50 yards.

Joseph did OK after replacing Zane Gonzalez. There were bumps in the road, though.

He’s at least made kicks in an NFL game, though. Now go out and win the job, Greg.