Cleveland Browns: Final roster prediction comes with a few surprises

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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The writing is on the wall. The Browns used a very high pick (for a kicker) on Austin Seibert. They let him kick the whole game in the 3rd preseason game. He is going to win this competition. He was always going to win this competition.

Some might be surprised, but I think Jamie Gillian should win this competition. Why? Gillian is a very talented punter, the Browns will hold his rights for 6 years, and he is cheaper in the long run. The 3rd factor is very important because the Browns are 2-3 years away from penny-pinching and keeping Colquitt that long — or signing another veteran punter — will mean a position player could get cut instead of being developed.

While the cap isn’t the most important factor, it can be the deciding factor when everything else is equal. There isn’t much debate about how strong Gillian’s leg is. Basically, if the Browns are comfortable that Gillian can hold for field goals, he should win the job.

PREDICTION: Austin Seibert, Jamie Gillian, Charley Hughlett