Cleveland Browns: In John Dorsey we trust, except with the offensive line

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

Our Voice of the Fan takes Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey to task for failing to address the problems on the offensive line.

“In Dorsey we trust” the masses tweeted following the Cleveland Browns’ acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr.

With all of the build up that’s been mounting since the winter, does he still have your blind trust?

This isn’t to knock the Beckham trade. OBJ played well. Plus, Dorsey did the hardest thing of all: find a quarterback.

But can they protect him? Because it sure looks like the general manager forgot about the offensive line.

It appeared that way when the hyped Browns actually took the field and played an actual game. What a mess we were forced to watch after the first few minutes.

Things started off well enough with Baker Mayfield leading the team down the field with some ease. A lot of it had to do with the line controlling the line of scrimmage. It’s the only time you can say that about the day.

After that, the Browns could could’ve built a yellow flag road from the Factory of Sadness to Parma. The penalties (18), turnovers and interceptions started to mount up on the Browns as the game slipped away.

The effort was beyond ugly and it looked like the team had regressed back a year or three.

Mayfield was good for three quarters, but then the Factory even swallowed up the fearless leader, as he threw three interceptions while the offensive line was grabbing, tripping, and otherwise doing their best to top the team record for misfortune!

The supposed people in the know evidently forgot about the offensive line. Well, they didn’t really forget about it. They know it’s bad.  In the last two weeks, Dorsey and his top lieutenants have tried to peace meal it together with cast offs and otherwise unwanted players from the scrap heap!

Dorsey’s now had two drafts to replace future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas, and he’s fallen flat on his face.

In fact, Dorsey completely ignored the line in last spring’s draft. He made things worse after he failed to even try to find a replacement for Kevin Zeitler. Like you and me, I guess he assumed Austin Corbett would take the job. Fail! He did acquire Eric Kush, a veteran who had started for the Bears last season.

Whoopty-heck. He has the right guard job by default.

On the line, as well as everywhere else, there was very little discipline to be seen.

Players could not control their anger and it slipped so far as to have Greg Robinson ejected from the game early for kicking another player!

Not much he can do about it now, but Freddie Kitchens needs to get a grip on this team and install some discipline on both sides of the ball. It’s too late to trade or pick up anyone to solve the problem.

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We fans can only hope something magical will be pulled off by management or Freddie to turn this around. Because other teams will see the film from this game and you’d better believe they’ll try the same defenses that stymied the Browns here!