Cleveland Browns: 5 Browns whose stock is down after Titans debacle

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2. Greg Robinson

Call Greg Robinson a traditionalist and in keeping with traditions, the left tackle wanted to make sure the Browns continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

The organization has excelled in doing this, and by kicking an opposing player in the face, Robinson ensured disaster by shaking up an already questionably talented offensive line.

After Robinson’s ejection, Kendall Lamm came into the game and immediately got hurt. Depth was already thin and the injury magnified Robinson’s ejection even more.

Additionally, Robinson committed that blindside block penalty during a sizable gain to Odell Beckham Jr. The Browns overcame that infraction, but the play seemed to cast a doomsday spell over the line for the rest of the day.

The Browns will continue to count on Robinson throughout the season, as they really don’t have anyone who can step in and play left tackle.