Cleveland Browns: 5 reasons Browns, Baker Mayfield will upend LA Rams

Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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4. Remembering Chubb

The Browns still have an unused weapon waiting to explode in running back Nick Chubb, and while he’s only received 18 carries in each of the first two games, this should be the game the former second-round pick breaks out.

You’ve already read how Mayfield needs to get the ball out quicker and better distribute the wealth.

Something else to consider: The Browns are at their best when Mayfield only throws 20-25 times a game. In this scenario, the Browns ideally would get ahead early on LA, allowing the run game to put Mayfield in a better position for success when Kitchens does call a pass play.

Kitchen’s use of Chubb has been confounding, to say the least. When he took over play calling duties a season ago, the former running backs coach had a novel idea: Use his running backs!

In the early goings of 2019, Kitchen seems to be under the spell of his new, shiny toy named Odell Beckham.

The rushing attack can also help Kitchens and the Browns control the clock, which is invaluable against a high-octane offense like the Rams. Three-and-outs will crush the Browns’ offense in this contest, because you just don’t want to give McVay and Goff more opportunities with the ball.

Establishing the rush will help Cleveland control the game.