Cleveland Browns: Fire up the hot seat, there’s room for Browns’ coaches

Cleveland Browns Freddie Kitchens (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Freddie Kitchens (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

We may only be in Week 6, but enough is enough. The Cleveland Browns’ coaches, plural, should be on the hot seat after a 2-4 start.

It’s very evident that the 2019 Cleveland Browns, as they are comprised, aren’t as good as we had hoped. Quite frankly they aren’t even close! But is the the coaching, or the players?

It doesn’t take the second coming of Paul Brown to realize a large chunk of it is coaching and the players are feeling pressure for the first time in this environment.

Both things must change, or Kitchen is going to find himself on the hot seat, fast. Remember, Lincoln Riley to the NFL rumors have already started.

Kitchens gave the standard “It’s on me,” and “I’ve got to do better” song and dance in the postgame presser. That jargon was old after loss No. 2.

You’ve just got to wonder if he’s in over his head. As the announcers of the Seahawks game said, when you let your star receiver skip most of the offseason  training program, camp and preseason games after coming to a new team and coaching staff, you’ve got to expect trouble.

Let;s face it Freddie, your a head coach now, not a player or best buddy to these players. Time for them and you to GROW UP!!! Everyone loved to trash Gregg Williams during the Jets week, but the Browns were certainly more disciplined under his watch. Oh yeah, they won too, going 5-3.

Through the last two games, the problems countinue to mount on Kitchens.

Too many penalties. Too many missed tackles. To often, defensive backs giving opposing receivers too much of a cushion to catch a ball.

That’s not to mention the magic show put on the defensive line. They go poof! Vanish right before eyes, especially Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon. The next time they keep Russel Wilson in the pocket after a play breaks down will be the first.

It’s not changed since game one! The Browns entered the game second in the NFL in penalties. They tacked on nine more for 83 yards in this heartbreaker. Yes, the officiating was egregious, the Browns did inflict plenty of wounds that were worthy of being called.

Steve Wilks may have been a good defensive coordinator in Carolina but as a head coach he stunk in Arizona. He only lasted a year and the Cardinals decided to cut their losses and move on.

He’s got great talent to work with but again, you get the feeling he’s forcing this talent on his system. He’s trying to put a square peg in a round hole and it doesn’t work!

The defense was much better last year with Gregg Williams. That’s without the additions like Vernon, Richardson and the many others brought in by John Dorsey.

The players don’t adapt to a coaching style, the coach adapts to the players he has to work with.

Now Freddie Kitchens either needs to give Todd Monken the play book or revise some of his calls as they have been very, very bad! Throw a challenge flag on a play in the end zone while your team has a forth down touchdown.

Then when you have to run the play over, you surely don’t run the same play!

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That’s as terrible as you’re going to see and that’s being nice. This isn’t the school yard or college ball!