Cleveland Browns: Mike McCarthy looking better by the second

Cleveland Browns Mike McCarthy (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Mike McCarthy (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Voice of the Fan has plenty of rants for the Cleveland Browns, who look to have squandered any hopes of making the playoffs.

Wow, Mike McCarthy is looking better with every blown red zone possession. The ineptitude continues on this befuddled Cleveland Browns team behind a clueless coaching staff wasting the best talent this organization has fielded in the expansion era.

The team has forgotten how to tackle or cover the respective receivers.

Unfortunately, this looks all too familiar. The Browns enter the red zone and lose yardage on ridiculous play calls and an ineffective offensive line!  Long live the Browns, trading touchdowns for field goals, the calling card of this franchise since 1999.

You lose count on how many out-of-position players are wearing ORANGE helmets, or of the many missed tackles of players lying in the wake of a single man running the length of the field for a touchdown!

One of the biggest concerns from my end is that no one is blaming Baker Mayfield. We were all too eager to heap praise on him last year, so he deserves some of the blame.

His relationship with Freddie Kitchens and John Dorsey is shaping up to be a disaster. Who in that building has the authority to check the former No. 1 pick. No one is going after Baker, and he’s making DeShone Kizer look like a viable quarter right now.

Perhaps Mayfield may gain some valuable knowledge from sitting on the bench? He’s trying to make reads and worrying about the porous offensive line. It’s like having Brandon Weedon happy feet!

There is no red zone offense. Mayfield’s either rushing throws or throws the ball too high. The infamous fourth down play on the Browns final offensive play was a disaster. Landry was open on the play, but Mayfield waited too long. He ended up throwing into double coverage.

I wonder how Baker feels being outplayed by a rookie who never took a snap in an NFL  game until Sunday.

Speaking of Jarvis Landry and OBJ, when will this supposed dynamic duo put forth the effort to look like they deserve the money and respect they think they deserve?

On defense, Steve Wilks needs to go! The quicker the better. With what was spent on this defense and trades made they look entirely helpless! He’s had eight weeks to straighten it out and it gets worse!!

With the talent they have on this unit there is no excuse for their play except coaching. They continue to look like an untrained junior high team. They look at each other with a look on their face as it was someone else’s fault. No it’s yours and that’s the whole unit!

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McCarthy is gearing up for a comeback. There’s reports the Browns didn’t interview last time around, and that McCarthy didn’t want the job because he wasn’t interested in retaining Kitchens. Don’t know about that, but he sure looks like he’d be the man for the job right now!