Cleveland Browns: Even a win can feel like a loss after red zone debacles

Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Voice of the Fan authors an open letter to GM John Dorsey, as even a victory can feel like a loss for underperforming Cleveland Browns.

John Dorsey, even in victory, your genius card is quickly disappearing as the Cleveland Browns frustrate more than they excite.

Your red zone offense was already the worst in football. You went to an unknown next level against the Bills.

Seven plays from the 1-yard line. One play from the two. Zero points to show for it. What a comedy of errors, which reflects really poorly on the coach you hired and the offensive line you assembled to block.

The Browns ineptitude inside the red zone is a combination of bad play calls and it sure looks like a lack of practicing the red zone offense. How can I come to this conclusion when everyone harps on how lousy the Browns have been inside the 20? The players are not doing their job and there’s just a general lack of concentration by a TERRIBLE OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!

This season so far has been a travesty to the fans. You can get all the talent in the world but if everyone isn’t on the same page, you are what your are. Ecstatic to be 3-6 after surviving a Buffalo Bills team you should’ve beat by 20.

The Browns ended up winning by three…thank goodness Chris Hubbard drew that false start on fourth and goal from the four. The Browns seemed destined to mess it up. Fortunately, the screw up came pre-snap and it made Kitchens kick the field goal.

As for The Franchise, Baker Mayfield must settle down! When he plays calmly his throws are better, his decision making is better, and all around for himself and the team is in a better place.

Crazy that this was the first game all season he’d thrown for multiple touchdowns.

The offensive line, especially both tackles, need replaced with much better talent. Not trading for Trent Williams was a good thing. It turns out he’s going to miss the rest of the season.

Some undisciplined penalties are still making your coach look like he has no control over the team. After Javis Landry scored the first TD of the game, he drew a taunting penalty, forcing his kicker to try a 48-yard point after, which he missed.

Tell  Landry and the rest of the players, when you score a touchdown, act like you’ve done it before and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

And for his pal Odell Beckham Jr. I counted two drops. One was on that ill-fainted red zone sequence. The DB made a great play, but a great wide receiver finds a way to come down with that one.

As for the defense, Seve Wilks’ bunch doesn’t get off so easy. The tackling, to put it nicely, STINKS!! The opponent running back gets through two or three tackles if the Browns are lucky enough to even geta  hand on them.

The defensive backs are still TOOOO far off their assigned player to cover. When it’s third and four, or less you don’t play five to six yards off that receiver!

Additionally, There are times you don’t play zone coverage! You must be able change up that coverage!! These players must be able to cover their assigned man. That means not two or more yards away from them, especially with their eyes on the quarterback or anything other than their opponent!

Wilks has plenty of talent to work with and this group should be playing better, especially this late in the season!

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The Brown season remains on life support with the win. The victory is nice, but still plenty to get frustrated about considering the talent level of this team. Sometimes you get LUCKY!! Still there’s much work to do.