5 Cleveland Browns whose stocks are up after bittersweet Steelers win

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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

In a game marred with controversy, there were five members of the Cleveland Browns whose stock went up against the Steelers.

The Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time in five years, but of course, in true Browns’ fashion, the victory just can’t be celebrated as controversy is never far from the Factory of Sadness.

Myles Garrett ripped off Mason Rudoph’s helmet, and then tried to crack him over the skull with it, so yeah, the Browns will be without their best defensive player. How many games? That remains to be seen.

As for the actual football game, the Browns offense produced three touchdowns, but too often, the Browns looked clunky, leaving too many opportunities on the field against what equated to a JV-Steelers squad led by Rudolph.

In victory, Cleveland moved to 4-6. The Dolphins are on deck in Week 12, while the Steelers await the Browns at Heinz Field on Dec. 1. Two more wins and the Browns could be .500 with four games to go.

And, Freddie Kitchens, for all the beatings he’s taking here, is 2-0 in the AFC North. Sure, Greg Robinson‘s kicking people, Myles Garrett is using another player’s helmet as a weapon and his safety is using his head as a torpedo to take other players out, but these are the 2019 Cleveland Browns.

There is no discipline and there won’t be any. You get that though culture and having people setting the example in the organization. None of that is going on right now, so the Browns will continue to look like knuckleheads.

Well, a win is a win, and in Cleveland, they’re usually far and in-between, so let’s focus on the good here.

Here’s five Browns who saw their stocks jump in the Browns’ two-touchdown victory over Pittsburgh.

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