Cleveland Browns: How many games will Myles Garrett be suspended?

There’s no question that Myles Garrett’s suspension will hurt the Cleveland Browns, but for how long can the defender expect to be out?

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett could be looking at a four-game suspension, according to Fox Sports analyst Mike Pereira, a former NFL referee.

The former official added that Garrett could possibly get that total reduced, via

History indicates that Albert Haynesworth drew a five-game suspension for stomping on Andre Gurode‘s head back in 2006. That incident marks the largest suspension to stem from a single-game incident.

In the Fox postgame show, Pereira mentioned how taking a player’s helmet off and using it as a weapon, is actually forbidden in the rule book. That’s right, the fact someone could actually pull this act off crossed someone’s mind and it actually got put into writing.

Twitter opinion seems to think that Garrett will be suspended for the final six weeks of the season.  If that’s the ruling, it will be hard to disagree with, but don’t rule out what Pereira said. It wasn’t talked about much during the broadcast, but Garrett was provoked by Mason rudolph.

That doesn’t give Garrett the excuse to turn into a maniac, but typically, the suspension handlers do take these things into consideration.

Garrett’s despicable acts reminded the world of the lack of discipline for which the Browns have carried themselves throughout the season. Left tackle Greg Robinson set the tone in Week 1 when he kicked someone.

Late hits on quarterbacks, unsportsmanlike conduct flags and just general infractions have made the Browns one of the most penalized teams in the NFL during the 2019 campaign.

We thought we’d seen the crux of the Browns apathy to discipline when Damarious Randall laid out a helmet-to-helmet hit on Diontae Johnson. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman seemed disgusted and speechless as blood was spotted pouring out of Johnson’s ear.

With Garrett awaiting his sentence, the Browns are saying the right things. Baker Mayfield gave a brutally honest assessment of Garrett’s actions, painting the cold, hard truth of the Browns losing their best defensive player because he couldn’t keep his cool.

Moving forward, how the Browns react to what Transpired on Thursday night will define the rest of the season. For as bad as things have been, the Browns are all of a sudden 4-6 and 2-0 in the AFC North. They get the Dolphins in Week 12 before heading to Pittsburgh on Dec. 1. Win those and this team could be 6-6 with December to go.

On the flip side, questions are going to intensify over Freddie Kitchens influence as a first-year head coach. Kitchens was appalled by Garrett, as well, but as the coach, he sets the tone for how his team acts, and so far, Cleveland resembles nothing more than a bunch of under-performing divas who don’t pay attention to detail.

The Browns already admitted to not having control over one player, releasing Antonio Callaway before the game. Then Randall torpedoes himself into someone else’s helmet and Garrett turns a football game into ‘rasslin.

This moment is going to either sink the 2019 Browns, or lift them up and based off how clunky this season’s gone, there’s no telling which way things are going to go.