5 Cleveland Browns whose stocks are down as Steelers get revenge

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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Five Cleveland Browns whose stocks are down after Freddie Kitchens’ squad fumbled away a chance to sweep the Pittsburgh Steelers.

To think, the Cleveland Browns making the playoffs was a slam dunk just two short months ago. Instead of a December filled with anticipation and a Christmas Tree with playoff tickets underneath it, we get to look forward to a mid-round draft pick.

The Browns let us all down in Pittsburgh during the highly anticipated Week 13 rematch against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s been written ad nauseam leading up to the game: There were no excuses.

Excuses are all the Browns have, however, as Cleveland embarrassed their fans, yet again, in a game the national viewing audience deemed as “must-win.”

From here on out, we’ll see what the Browns are made of as the Bengals await Cleveland twice this month. Andy Dalton is back at quarterback, having just saved Cincinnati from the embarrassment of a perfect season.

And if Duck Hodgers can beat the Browns, so can The Red Rifle.

Plus, there’s Super Bowl favorite Baltimore, as well as Arizona. Don’t you think Kyler Murray would like to get one up on his his fellow alumnus on the other sideline?

So the Browns begin the familiar slog through December, when we all think of what might’ve been, as well as what might be in 2020.

As for the the Browns collapsing in Pittsburgh, here’s five guys wearing orange helmets who saw their stocks take a dive in Cleveland’s biggest game of the year.

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