Cleveland Cavaliers: 5 best trade packages for Kevin Love

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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Kevin Love is open to a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and these are the five best trade packages you’ll find as rumors heat up.

Google miners would have to go way back to find the first Kevin Love trade rumor, and that was just with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Fans and writers were trying to trade him out of Minnesota for years before the Cavaliers finally got him back in 2014.

Now, Love’s time in Cleveland seems to be up. The rumors just feel different this time. Perhaps it’s because noted breaking news extraordinaire Adrian Wojnorowski is the one reporting the info.

You can’t fault the Cavs for dealing Love. They’re not winning because of him, so if you’re going to lose the same amount of games with him on the roster, why not lose and gear up for the future?

Cleveland is in full rebuild mold as it tries to find out if its young corps of players are capable of developing into championship caliber talent.

Meanwhile, rumors of dysfunction are haunting first-year NBA head coach John Beilein, who is fighting off internal strife from his players just a quarter of the way into his first NBA season.

Dealing Love won’t be celebrated by most fans, as he’s really the last link to the Cavs’ historic run to the Finals in 2016 (No disrespect, Mr. Delly). Plus, he’s still a really good player.

However, he’s over the age of 30 and is in the first year of his extension. Considering his injury history, the Cavs are wise to try and add more ammo to this rebuild by moving him elsewhere.

Woj’s bomb that Love was open to being moved inspired hundreds of trade scenarios across every corner of the internet. Here’s the five best trade packages I found, including a sixth I added just because it was intriguing.

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