Twitter Reacts: The Factory of Sadness claims another in Collin Sexton

Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

After losing a game that they once held a 15 point lead, The Cavs fans are coming down hard on Collin Sexton, right or wrong.

Collin Sexton isn’t a bad guy. He’s not even a selfish guy. This is the dude that nearly lead a comeback at Alabama when his entire team got ejected except for himself and two other teammates. Imagine making a comeback attempt with only two other players against a full accompaniment of players. Sexton can play. Just, maybe not in the system that he has.

The Cavs blew a 15 point lead and fell to the Detroit Pistons, 115-113 on Tuesday. A lot of fans are throwing their arms up in the air after the collapse because of the way the team lost. Sexton fell apart down the stretch, letting guys get open, missing shots, and worst yet, air balling a floater that lead to a shot clock violation. This just mere seconds after nearly stepping out of bounds and costing the team the game in a vastly different way. Sexton isn’t a bad player but his 20 points paled in the light of Kevin Love’s God Mode shooting night, going 12-15 from the field, and hitting 4-6 from three.

So the night’s disappointments are magnified even more by Love’s impressive performance. A close came didn’t stop The Cavs fans from coming down hard on Sexton, however.

Not every fan is coming with the blade to Sexton’s neck, some came with the jokes.

Some now understand why Love has frustrations with the team, and namely (allegedly) Sexton.

While some were even sympathetic to the young, second-year guard.

You have to feel for everyone on the Cavs. This isn’t an effort issue, everyone is trying to win, but the Cavs don’t get to keep their first-round pick if they don’t have a top ten selection, so you play to lose in today’s modern NBA. That’s the task given upon the coaching staff.

There’s also a second reason, kids gotta learn how to win. It’s really easy to fall into sports cliches, but even LeBron James had to learn how to win a game after he got to the pros. Sexton taking the last shot in a lost season is exactly what he needs to be doing. This team is streaking to the playoffs. There is no mid-season trade for Chris Paul or Damian Lillard coming folks.

As much as Love should’ve taken that lost shot, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Especially if Sexton learns to win from it.

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