The Browns coaching hire should be about improving culture

Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Browns didn’t lack talent last season, they lacked discipline and The Browns should worry about how to fix that before anything else.

The Browns should have a head coach by Saturday if rumors and reports should be believed. Two of the names linked to the job are New England’s offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Philadelphia’s defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Both men already failed once as NFL head coaches. Is that the thing that fans and ownership should worry about?

No, of course not. What they need to worry about is getting a coach that can instill discipline into a team that was obviously without it. From the drive-killing penalties to Odell Beckham jr wearing jewelry on the field, and that whole helmet-swinging fiasco. This team was without any discipline and it was obvious. When teams have composure, then it can shrink a major moment into just another play. It can instill confidence in a player to do something that people don’t think he can do.

When The Browns make their decision, it should focus on who can keep Beckham inline, who can help mitigate Baker Mayfield’s more unique personality quirks. A coach who can not only get a staff in place that can teach guys the basics, like tackling, because that’s how bad this team has been at times, but can also help the talent reach their potential as a whole.

The coach needs to be someone who can instill a winning way and not just be the emotional, “rah-rah” type, who wears stupid shirts that only takes the focus off of what needs to be done. They need a coach who can focus the team, and iron out the rough spots. They need someone who can hold people accountable, because if a player feels like they’re above the system then that’s when things fall apart.

The Browns have volatile personalities in Beckham, Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Myles Garrett, and others. They can’t afford to bring in a coach that can’t get the respect of the team. They can’t bring in a coach who’s word has no merit.  The Browns need to hire better people, and it’s really that simple.

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