Cleveland Browns: 3 players who could lose a roster spot to analytics

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
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If the Cleveland Browns do end up relying on a return to analytics in 2020, these three players may be in the biggest trouble in terms of a roster spot.

With Paul DePodesta’s name in the news a lot likely, a return to analytics seem very likely, assuming the team doesn’t hire Josh McDaniels.

That said, if the Pats’ offensive coordinator doesn’t take the gig, DePodesta is expected to continue his role with the organization.

Even if DePo is a casualty of hiring McDaniels, analytics will still have a home in Berea, because as Jimmy Haslam mentioned, Chris Cooper has a prominent role in the coaching search. He’s listed as the Browns’ VP of football administration. You may remember him as the guy “botching” the A.J. McCarron trade.

That the Browns couldn’t file a trade before the trade deadline at the time was an embarrassing mark on the franchise, the move ended up being the right cal in the long run and it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear Cooper’s stock in the organization rose because of it.

So as the Browns begin their fifth coaching search under Haslam, here’s three players who could find their roster spots in jeopardy if DePodesta’s “Moneyball” approach is enforced.