Cleveland Browns: 3 ways Kevin Stefanski won his first press conference

Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Three ways new Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski won his opening press conference, after his hire was met with public angst.

In what seems like its becoming an annual tradition, the Cleveland Browns introduced Kevin Stefanski as the 18th (non interim) head coach of the franchise.

The introductory press conference was highly anticipated after a coaching search that publicly seemed to pit Stefanski, an analytics disciple, against local favorite Josh McDaniels, who has six rings as a member of the New England Patriots.

Admittedly, I favored the hiring of Josh McDaniels, but Stefanski is growing on me.

Fans knew Freddie Kitchens was a dead man walking on the shores of the Ohio River in Week 17. His firing was expected and promptly came in the immediate aftermath of a 6-10 season .

What got the fans out, though, was the parting of ways with general manager John Dorsey.

It’s hard to defend ownership. The record speaks for itself. I do believe the Haslams want to win, but with that said, they just haven’t figured out the recipe for success. In their reign as owners, the Browns have become an easy joke and there isn’t anyway to dispute that.

Your outrage is warranted, especially because you’ve been shelling out thousands of dollars on season tickets, in addition to $100 jersey after $100 jersey.

Ownership has no choice but to prove it to you, and that only happens when the Browns play meaningful games in January.

We all want to fast forward, but since we don’t have Doc Brown’s DeLorean, we’ve got no choice but to observe the new coach. It’s easy to win a press conference. Heck, Freddie Kitchens delivered a knock out performance exactly 363 days ago.

But with all the angst around the recent search and the distrust with the organization, Stefanski came through, specifically in these three ways.