Cleveland Browns: 3 ways Kevin Stefanski won his first press conference

Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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1. Game day analytics– not so scary

It’s a little surprising to hear sports talk radio, and to read Twitter and to see the outrage being flung the Browns’ way over Stefanski’s hire.

Some of that was due to a report that Stefanski would have to give his game plan to the analytics department on the Friday before game day. The new coach shut down that rumor, stating that it is “Silly Season.”

Stefanski seems to be a bystander, with all the outrage meant for analytics  Paul DePodesta. After all, his philosophy is the reason the 2017 Cleveland Browns lost every game that season and went 1-31 in a two-year span.

“Analytics” is a dirty word and that perception won’t change until the organization wins meaningful games.

Fortunately, Stefanski addressed “analytics” during his introductory presser, basically stating that he’s open to learning as much information as possible.

He cited an example of someone in the analytics department being able to tell him at what points the opposing defensive coordinator is more likely to blitz.

This is not a bad thing because knowing and predicting opponent tendencies stands the test of time. Ask Hannibal, or Caesar or Napoleon.

Skepticism should be in how analytics is used to pick players. Fans were fed an awful lot of stale Dawg biscuits in 2016 with phrases like “SPARQ Scores.” The results speak for themselves: Corey Coleman anyone?

As for coaching on game day, the Browns have a talented roster. There won’t be a repeat of 1-31 and analytics will be a friend of Stefanski’s, not an enemy.