Cleveland Browns: 5 players who could be on their way out

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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With a new coach and front office, there will be some talent who no longer fits on the roster. These are the five most likely to be cut or traded.

The Cleveland Browns will be looking to move forward into the 2020 season. With a new head coach, a new front office set to be installed and Paul DePodesta’s influence, the team will have a slightly different look. Part of the reason Kevin Stefanski was hired was due to the rumored desire of his to keep the team mostly intact.

Everyone’s favorite candidate Josh McDaniels wanted “sweeping changes” and that simply isn’t necessary. The team will need to take on a bit of a new look though, as there are plenty of holes that need to be filled. There’s plenty of guys that are on the bubble but the ones that are truly in danger are the guys with the big contracts. Someone like Wyatt Teller doesn’t even make seven figures, retaining him isn’t a hard thing to do. You just need to make sure you have someone who can start ahead of him because, well, he’s not the best.

The names most likely to be cut or traded are the bloated salaries of the injury-prone or under-producing players. Someone like Joe Schobert might be on the block, but considering the names ahead of him, there are far more problematic areas that need to be addressed. Schobert produces, he just might price himself out of a job. The five names to really look out for are the ones who can’t stay on the field, cause problems or simply aren’t worth their salary anymore.

These five should be obvious, but if there are other names that fans might have, and they might be valid too. This roster has a lot of bloated waste on it, and it’s time to cut the fat.