Cleveland Browns: 5 players who could be on their way out

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Kareem Hunt

The former 1,000-yard rusher for the Kansas City Chiefs was famously cut from the team after a video of him getting into a fight at a Cleveland hotel went viral. Kareem Hunt told the Chiefs that the incident never happened, but then the video contradicted his claims. He was subsequently released and his former team moved on without him.

The man who drafted him, John Dorsey, was fired from his job with the Chiefs just weeks after Hunt was drafted. So when Hunt was subsequently released by the Chiefs for his action and lies, the man who wanted him in Kansas City finally got his chance to watch Hunt spin for the team he ran; The Cleveland Browns.

Hunt was brought into the fold in February and was suspended for the first half of the season. He debuted in week 10 of the season and didn’t really make much of a dent stat-wise. With Nick Chubb establishing himself as a top-3 running back in the league (arguably the best), Hunt won’t be as useful for the team going forward as others could.

He was only signed to a one year deal, so it’s entirely likely that Hunt will want more than his $645,000 that he earned with the Browns in 2019. The team would be better off finding a combo back who can catch passes and get space, while also not having any baggage.

The other big issue with retaining Hunt is Stefanski’s use of a fullback in the past. As much as the announcers tried to put over the two-headed beast, neither man is a fullback who can be a lead blocker. So one must be acquired to fill that role.

Couple the baggage, with a better talent ahead of him, a poultry salary that he’ll more than likely want to improve on and a new front office, Hunt could be gone. A culture change is needed, and someone like Hunt may need to go in order to make way for better opportunities.