Cleveland Browns: 5 players who could be on their way out

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Odell Beckham Jr.

Ok, hang on. Put down the pitchforks and listen to why Odell Beckham is in trouble. Firstly, Beckham is declining. People can blame Kitchens all they want, but he got more passes thrown to him, caught three fewer passes and played more games than his 2018 campaign. Yet he put up poorer numbers in more opportunities than he did in New York. Is it the system? Baker Mayfield? The fact that Jarvis Landry was the Kirby of wide receivers in 2019? Who knows.

Secondly, Beckham is an athletic receiver. Which is fine, but that athleticism fades. It fades even faster when you’re injury-plagued, which Beckham has become. He’s had issues with his ankles, hip issues, hamstring tears and now a sports hernia. These injuries are taking their toll on Beckham. He’s so oft-injured, there’s actually a mathematical algorithm that predicts Beckham will have over a 50% likely hood of being injured during the 2020 season.

If the injuries and declining play weren’t bad enough, he’s a headache to deal with. From the temper tantrums on the sideline to trying to play games with pieces of large jewelry adorning his body, to apparent videos of him doing potentially illicit things with random women; Beckham has become a headache.

Changing the culture has to happen and the only way it can happen is if you lop off the head of the biggest offender, even if it means getting rid of one of the better talents on the roster. Beckham is always running his mouth, bringing negative attention to the product and simply refusing to behave. It’s not hard to not be a dingus, but Beckham refuses to grow up and act like an adult.

The move may upset Jarvis Landry, or worse yet, it may not be possible to replace him at all. Though I’d hazard to guess that a barely, 1,000-yard receiver wouldn’t be all that hard to replace in regards to production.