Cleveland Cavs: Tristan Thompson ejected for familiar behavior

Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Another Cleveland sports athlete is in some hot water after touching a person inappropriately during the Memphis/Cleveland game.

Not two days after an arrest warrant was issued for Odell Beckham Jr. for slapping a security guard on the butt, another Cleveland sports star thought it’d be a good idea to mimic the Browns wide receiver. While Tristan Thompson was shooting free throws during the Cavaliers loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, opposing player and momentary former teammate Jae Crowder was slapped on his butt by Thompson as Crowder left the court.

The referee immediately ejected Thompson for smacking Crowder’s backside, causing Thompson to have some choice words with what seemed to be anyone and everyone within shouting distance. This is the second incident involving a Cleveland sports athlete touching another person inappropriately on camera in a matter of a week.

This is frustrating for fans because the idea of keeping your hands to yourself was taught to just about everyone as a kid. Why Thompson thought it was a smart or good idea to smack Crowder’s butt is anyone’s guess. It’s certainly not something Crowder appreciated, as he stopped to glare down Thompson. Crowder had to be separated from Thompson, as the ref’s made their decision to eject Thompson.

Frankly, the fact grown men pushing 30 are still surprised that they think this type of behavior is acceptable is bewildering. While it may be socially acceptable to smack a teammate’s butt, one could argue that’s a dying practice, to smack an opponent’s butt is flat out unacceptable and tantamount to simple assault. There is this belief that players should be allowed to do whatever they want because “locker room’s a sacred place” or “they’re athletes, what do you expect” and it’s that kind of attitude that allows situations like this to keep popping up.

If you couldn’t do it to a random co-worker, you can’t do it in the NBA. There are rules for a reason and they need to be enforced. Let’s just hope that Thompson is smart enough to not do this again, and understands that people have a right to not be touched inappropriately.

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