Cleveland Browns: 5 mistakes that set up 2019 for failure

Cleveland Browns Freddie Kitchens (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Freddie Kitchens (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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With the playoffs nearing an end, let’s pause and look back at the five biggest blunders of the Cleveland Browns from the much-hyped 2019 season.

The Cleveland Browns in hindsight really messed up their turnaround season in the offseason. Quite literally, there was no move that was well received with the ability of hindsight. Sure a lot of these moves were heralded at the time, but if there’s one thing that we learned it’s that you can’t judge huge moves in the moment. That’s something you can only do after the fact.

There were some really disastrous moves that the Browns front office made, which is partly why the Browns front office is now all in the unemployment line. Identifying the five biggest issues this team faced isn’t hard. They’re mostly obvious, so don’t expect to be amazed that the last slide is in fact the last slide. We all know what’s coming. That said there are two other events that often go unmentioned when Browns fans lament the terrible year that was, and those two will kick things off.

It’s acknowledged that it’s easy to look back at these events in hindsight and criticize the moves, that said there might be one writer on this site that may or may not have lamented the moves in the moment. That doesn’t mean anyone who had high expectations was a fool for expecting these moves to pan out. After all, the Cleveland media told us that John Dorsey was this franchise making savior. Instead, we found out exactly why Kansas City let him leave.

They couldn’t have left a voice mail warning the Browns? How rude.

So with all that being said, these are the five biggest mistakes the Browns made heading into the 2019 season. May this be the last time this dreadful year is ever revisited. Until the next column that is.