Cleveland Cavaliers rumors: Tristan Thompson only worth 2nd-round picks

Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The latest Cleveland Cavaliers rumors suggest the organization may only be able to get a couple of 2nd-round draft picks for Tristan Thompson.

In Cleveland Cavaliers rumors, Tristan Thompson may be only able to fetch a couple of second round picks.

If you’re hoping to see some light at the end of this long journey on Rebuild Road, that’s not the return you’re hoping for when discussing an offensive-rebounding maven, NBA champion.

However, ESPN’s Bobby Marks, a former GM, says that’s the likely haul in a deal involving Thompson, adding that the team’s other expiring contracts–Brandon Knight, Delly, and John Henson do not have the value of Thompson, or recently traded Cavalier, Jordan Clarkson.

Considering the haul, wouldn’t you rather the Cavaliers try and extend Thompson? With where the Cavaliers are as an organization, the focus is on collecting draft picks, however, what difference does a couple second rounders make?

Back in 2014, second rounders had value because LeBron James returned. The Cavs rushed to unload salary, attaching all the assets they had accumulated to bad contracts so they could clear room for James.

With James in LA for another 2 1/2 seasons, the Return of the King is not something Cavs’ fans should be banking on.

If the Cavs do settle and end up with Marks’ predicted haul, then you’ve got to wonder if they tried to re-sign TT. After all, it’s a two-way street and Thompson can see this is organization is many years away from contention.

Thompson is still in the prime of his career….perhaps he sees an opportunity to chase another title in a different location.

As for Kevin Love, Marks wrote the Cavs have a decision to make, because they could likely get a decent first-rounder from teams such as Portland, Phoenix and Denver. However, if the hold onto him into the offseason, Marks contends that his value will increase–assuming he stays healthy.

Is the juice worth the squeeze? Love has been frustrated with the direction of the franchise.

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Marks added Charlotte and Minnesota have a combination of draft picks, expiring contracts and starters on good deals to be potential trade partners. He threw out the name of veteran Robert Covington as a starter on a good contract.