4 impacts hiring of Andrew Berry will have on Cleveland Browns in 2020

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2. Analytics prevails

Jimmy Haslam talked about seeking alignment after he addressed the press following the dismissal of Dorsey. The owner, who just hired his fifth management team in eight years, so desperately wants everyone to get along, that he blew up the foundation of his team again, with the hope he’ll get it right this time.

Haslam is back to banking on analytics, evidenced by what he said about Dorsey at this end-of-the-year presser. He talked about the role of the GM evolving, meaning the person who holds this position has to be more than a scout.

It probably also means that a GM has to be more than open to analytics, but they’ve got to put it into application, also. The way Haslam talked, it seems that Dorsey and Kitchens didn’t do much in terms of applying the advanced data into real-world use.

When Dorsey took the job, he sounded very open to the use of analytics, especially when describing his choice of Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 pick in 2018. Remember, Mayfield was an analytics darling who appealed to the traditional Dorsey.