4 impacts hiring of Andrew Berry will have on Cleveland Browns in 2020

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3. This will be given time

There’s no dearth of jokes regarding the Browns going through this whole coaching/GM search again in two seasons.

When you hire five different management teams in your eight years as owners, well, you open yourself up to that kind of criticism.

Look for this marriage to be given more time than the Haslams usually afford their hires because if ownership blows up this operation after a year, or even two, well…(sigh) let’s just not think about it.

Both Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry were given five-year contracts, a symbol of the alignment ownership desperately wants. Berry and Stefanski are in this together, for better, or worse.

Berry seems to be fond of Stefanski, with Yahoo’s Charles Robinson tweeting that Berry did a lot of the leg work last winter when the Browns were considering hiring Stefanski.

Dorsey made it 36 games a general manager under the Haslams, going 13-22-1. Look for Berry to at least get three seasons. Heck, Hue Jackson did, and we all know the record.

The truth is the Browns SHOULD be better in 2020. They possess a young roster with talent and assuming Kevin Stefanski can eliminate half the mistakes committed by the Kitchens team, Cleveland should, at the very least, go 8-8.