Cleveland Browns: 3 tight ends that could bolster the offense

Cleveland Browns Demetrius Harris (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Demetrius Harris (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /
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TE Brycen Hopkins (Purdue)

The DraftNetwork has Brycen Hopkins as the top-rated tight end, but again, all of these draft prospects sites rank players vastly different from everyone else. Hopkins is described as being efficient as a route runner. He’s got enough speed to give fits to linebackers and has the size to be a valid red-zone receiver. All of this despite not really having many opportunities to score in the red zone at Purdue.

Hopkins is described as being lean, and some experts believe he may have a hard time getting off the line against more aggressive defensive ends. The more concerning evaluation comes from Benjamin Solak, who describes his pass-catching ability as “inconsistent”. Further expanding on his problematic double-catch and re-grip tendencies to secure the catch at the point. He also talks about how his technique is unimpressive, meaning that he won’t be a reliable pass option in his rookie year (if ever).

He is considered someone who can make big plays, however, making some modern fans worry if he’s the Quincy Morgan of modern-day tight ends. If Hopkins can put on some weight, and increase his strength he might be a viable blocker in some situations but as far as run blocking goes he’s not the best candidate for the job.

That said, a lot of evaluations don’t always pan out and often times players can improve their skills when they transition from college to the pros. He’s got great potential but again, potential is only good enough to get people fired. Hopkins is worth a look in the 4th or 5th rounds.