Cleveland Cavs: Will Kevin Love actually get traded?

Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Despite a lot of pre-season and early-season speculation, the hype around a Kevin Love trade has died down, so will he get traded?

Days away from the trade deadline and the Cleveland Cavs have still yet to make a move on any potential Kevin Love trade. Despite early-season speculation that Love could be moved to the Portland Trailblazers, that seems unlikely to happen with the Trailblazers essentially being dead in the water this season.

There could still be a move to the Houston Rockets or the Miami Heat, as both are looking to make moves but as of right now, if a lack of rumors is any indication, Love could remain on the roster past the deadline. There will come a day not that long from now that will highlight whether or not that’s the right call, but right now it has to be asked if Love stays on the roster, why?

Well, firstly, let it not be said that Love can’t contribute. He’s got a skill set that won’t age that badly. His game has never been predicated on physical attributes, so a rebounding, low post, and three-point shooter could very well play another four-six years at a high level.

He’s shown his frustrations on the court, yes, but what NBA player hasn’t? How many times did LeBron James admonish men he’s called his brothers? One specific moment shouldn’t indicate who he is in relation to this team. He might love this roster.

Also, let’s be honest, this might be a long con by the Cavs. It’s entirely possible that Coby Altman is intentionally keeping the roster bad in order to keep their first-round pick in 2020, which they only keep if it lands in the top 10. If the pick lands in the top 10 as expected, the Cavs would have three lottery picks in back-to-back-to-back years and a huge amount of cap space.

There’s potential there for a quick turnaround. They could trade one or any combination of players they’ve recently drafted, sign a major free agent, acquire a more established player in a trade, there’s any number of possibilities. The Cavs front office may have expected this when they re-signed Love.

Tank for two years, then re-load. That’s not to say this is what’s happening, just speculation. Yet, if Love is on the roster after the deadline, one has to think that Altman has a reason for keeping him. It may be nothing more than they never got the offer they wanted, and they might view the situation differently from many. Some think you should just cash out and get what you get, but that’s not always the best call.

This team’s future will be defined in a few days.

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