Browns: 3 names to keep an eye on after first XFL game

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The XFL is back after nearly 20 years, and the first game saw the D.C. Defenders and the Seattle dragons have an exciting showdown.

The Cleveland Browns should be turning over every rock possible to find talent that the team can use. The XFL only issues one-year deals (for now) so any player that showcases his skills can find a new home after the NFL Draft when the XFL season ends. That means that most of the players on these teams aren’t just helping feed Vince McMahon’s vanity project, but are actively auditioning for NFL teams.

The first game of the revival saw the Seattle Dragons and the D.C. Defenders square off in an exciting matchup that saw a few names step up. It’ll be interesting to see which players can string together two months’ worth of play in order to truly warrant a slot on an NFL team, but for the first week, it’s safe to say that the first few names aren’t all that shocking.

We’re going to break down the first three names the Browns should keep an eye on for the post-Draft free agency period where XFL players will be eligible to sign with other teams. Not everyone on this list may be a starter but everyone should be viewed as an upgrade that can add a bit of splash to the franchise. Some will be more important than others, but all three names will be needed.

We’ll try to keep an updated running tally on the XFL players to watch, but for right now let’s just do the first game and go from there.

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