Browns: Could Washington’s Trent Williams actually end up in Cleveland?

Cleveland Browns Trent Williams (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Trent Williams (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

ESPN is predicting off-season moves and how the domino effect will affect the Browns and 31 other teams, but is Trent Williams a real option for the CLE?

ESPN has a new gimmick on their site where they’re predicting the outcomes of the biggest free agents and players to possibly be moved in the 2020 offseason. They use one player and assume the three most logical landing spots for that player, and then devise this interwoven stream of thought for how that player’s decesion to sign with that specific team will affect the league. In one scenario they predict that the Browns would land Trent Wiliams for a second-round pick.

Williams, the star left tackle for the Washington Redskins is unhappy in D.C. There were rumblings of the Browns being interested in him before the 2019 trade deadline but nothing came of it and Williams ended up reporting to the Redskins. While a move for Williams is possible, it’s not a huge rumor getting traction currently. So is Williams getting traded possible? Absolutely. Will it happen? Eh, let’s wait and see.

The asking price for the former 4th overall pick of the 20110 NFL Draft is projected to be a second-rounder by the folks at ESPN. Despite being 31, every Browns fan in the world would take a top-three tackle at that price. Sure, he’s not a long term solution but he could shore up that spot for at least the duration of his possible-contract-extension.

For what it’s worth, other scenarios shown on the site include Ryan Bulaga of Green Bay signing with Cleveland if Williams goes elsewhere, Bradley Robey of Denver, and Hunter Henry of San Diego all coming to Cleveland in various different scenarios. Will any of these happen? We all know it’s a crapshoot to make predictions. It’s the NFL, and things change constantly.

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