Cleveland Browns: 10 players that need to go to rebuild the brand

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /
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The last regime bogged down the Browns with low-character players, and overpaid for veterans that weren’t needed had the team made better decisions.

The Browns were ran disastrously over the last few years.  Like a party girl on ecstasy trying to prolong the night for as long as possible, the Browns made one short-sighted move after another in their attempts to gain credibility. In doing so they turned a franchise that was a running joke into a cautionary tale. At one time being a laughing stock was acceptable, because the Browns weren’t expected to do well. Then, in one offseason (the offseason from hell) the Browns made one disastrously short-sighted move after another.

The once comical franchise was now seen as far worse than before. No longer a laughing stock by the media, a gag of recurring disappointment. No, now the team was seen as far worse; disappointments.

It’s easy to get by in life when no one expects anything from you. You have no obligations, high hopes are a myth and you get by in your day to day just being you. That’s the Browns since 2003, a team without much expectations. While fans weren’t fine with it, at least we got pitty. We got to know that the national media and fanbases around the league felt bad for us because we couldn’t even be good enough to screw up an opportunity.

Then we got that vaunted opportunity to turn the franchise around and the team did the one thing everyone begged them not to do; mess it up. The team pursued high-end talent with big cap numbers and even bigger egos. They let go talent that didn’t fit “their image” and brought in lesser talented players for higher prices. They made moves that were nothing more than course recorrections, moves that didn’t need to happen had they just stood pat with what they had.

What did it gain? An even worse legacy, filled with abusers, addicts, divas, and acts of violence that have no business being on the football field.

To rehab the image of this once great franchise, the team needs to stop listening to every frat guy and dude-bro who says “this is a violent game and it’s not for little kids!” The front office needs to go “talent be damned, chemistry is more important” and launch every problematic player out of Cleveland. That’s the point of this list. Identifying players who have no business being on this team for one reason or another.