Cleveland Browns: 10 players that need to go to rebuild the brand

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#1 – WR Odell Beckham Jr.

This one should be obvious, in part because there are already rumors that Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t want to be in Cleveland anymore. Beckham’s time in Cleveland has already been marred by injuries, shouting matches, fines and complaints about wanting to play with a $100k watch. Not too mention assaulting a security guard at the LSU national title game.

People like Beckham are always problematic when trying to build a team’s chemistry. They’re always all about themselves. They care more about their image, their look and their style than they do about winning. Beckham brought that same showboat lifestyle from New York to Cleveland and it’s absurd to think a man nearly 30 still thinks it’s ok to wear a watch while playing a contact sport.

Beckham has been nothing but a headache and on a team filled with problematic personalities, the team needs to go all-in with ridding themselves of talent like Beckham. There is a concern that Jarvis Landry will want out if Beckham gets traded, but that’s a risk the team should be willing to take if it means finally having an organization that doesn’t kowtow to the primadonnas of the league. This team needs to be taken seriously and it can’t when problematic players are allowed to be problematic.

Beckham could bounce back and have a big 2020, he could also further continue his downtrend of play. Keep in mind that Beckham hasn’t had a truly good season in three years. He’s barely broke1,000 yards twice and had a season where only played in four games because of injuries.

In 2019 he suffered more injuries, on top of all the injuries he’s been dealing with his entire career. Eventually, injuries sap ones’ athletism. Has that started to occur for Beckham? Has he hit his peak already? Is the skillset he has left justification for dealing with obvious attitude issues?

One would think not, which is why it’s time to trade the man and get what you can from him. The last few offseasons have been a disaster and have set the team way back. Hail Dorsey.

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