Cleveland Browns: 10 players that need to go to rebuild the brand

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#10 – S Damarious Randall

Damaraious Randal has done nothing wrong as a person. Randall seems to be a good guy, with a good work ethic and a sense of right and wrong. He is, however, a reminder of the futility of the last regime. Randall came in and was supposed to help Jabrill Peppers blossom by being a mentor for him of sorts, who could also help him shore up a weak pass defense.

Randall did not do either thing. Peppers was traded to the New York Giants and Randal seemingly forgot how to be a top guy, which shouldn’t be surprising. Randall was a first-round pick to Green Bay in 2015 and trade bait at 25. Why would a team let a player under 26 leave who’s supposed to be a starter? Either they’re the Cleveland Browns and are incompetent, or the team knows the player isn’t that good.

Randall showed little in the way of playmaking abilities and while yes, he often had to help cover up for Greedy Williams, the facts are that Randall never lived up to the deal he was involved in and it wasn’t much in the way of expectations, to begin with. Now that the Browns have people in place at the top who seem to have a clue to what they want, a guy like Randall should not be brought back. Seeing him is a reminder of a team that made short-sighted moves for the sake of maximizing a second-year quarterback. If Baker Mayfield was 37, sure, go all in and try to win. He’s not. He’s not even 27 yet.

The team needs to move on from players who represent the past era, it’s the only way to fully cleanse the image. At least we can always thank Randall for helping rid us of Deshone Kizer.