Voice of the Fan rants on Cleveland Browns, cheating Houston Astros

Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Voice of the Fan is back, ready to rant on the Cleveland Browns. And with Spring Training here, he’s got some thing to say about the cheating Astros.

Have your phone ready. The Cleveland Browns are probably sending out another push notification to tell us of the new assistant coach they’ve hired who probably won’t be here at this time next.

But seriously, let’s face it: Ownership must help develop some kind of consistency in the coaching staff, but that starts at the top, with the head coach!

Don’t get me wrong, it was truly evident the position was too much for Freddie Kitchens to handle. He had really never been in that position before and just wasn’t ready for it. It was evident from Day one one the Marcus Mariota-led chiefs steamrolled the Browns in the second half.

The Haslam’s have made a habit of ditching their head coach and then the entire roster changes. I see, so far, they have not let that happen in this change. Four players were released, but I seriously doubt anyone will miss them.

The truth is we were promised an organization that was more on the–I hate to say it–Steeler plan with not having a coaching carousel, yet just the opposite has happened.

Here’s hoping Stefanski and his staff are here for the long haul and a ride to the Super Bowl.

• Around the ball diamond, The Houston Astros scandal is a ginormous black eye to baseball and especially commissioner Rob Manfred! His mishandling of the punishment and apologies has been disgraceful!

This man is supposed to be a leader and captain of the professional baseball ship. But he sure doesn’t act like it! As the commissioner, you cant give blanket amnesty to a team of cheaters! They should have searched out the defendants and punished them harshly! Then stripped them of their championship. Instead, Manfred’s been embarrassment to his job! Kennesaw Mountain Landis is rolling over in his grave.

Manfred should have taken away the trophy and the violators punished accordingly! As I’ve heard players on other teams say the Olympics don’t let cheaters off as easy as the players involved were punished, or unpunished, as the ones on this team.

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I guess the powers that be, “the owners,” want this swept under the rug and forgotten ASAP! Their attendance is slipping and so is their income. That gets them where it hurts and they don’t need this staring their business in the face.