Rumor: Andre Drummond didn’t want John Beilein to be back as Cleveland Cavs coach

A new rumor claims that despite being on the team for just two weeks, new star player Andre Drummond didn’t want John Beilein back as coach.

According to The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, Andre Drummond told those in the organization that if John Beilein returned as head coach for the 2020-2021 season, that he’d be gone. The rumor came from a conversation with 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, where Lloyd claimed Drummond felt that things in Cleveland were already worse than they were in Detroit.

For those who think this can’t possibly be true, keep in mind that Drummon and fellow teammates Kevin Love share the same representation and it’s entirely possible there’s been communication between them about their respective situations.

Drummond has already come out and claimed the story wasn’t true. Going as far to flat out state that it’s a lie. However, Drummond was already accused of lying just two weeks when he claimed the trade caught him off guard. Piston’s executive and father to Brown’s head coach Kevin,  Ed Stefanski claimed that not only did Drummond know before anyone that he was traded, but that he had known for a while that he was being shopped around.

So it’s entirely possible that Drummond is just a liar.

Lloyd has a good reputation in the NBA community, so it’s very likely that Drummond did make that demand. It’s not uncommon. Dwight Howard did it to the Magic, LeBron James, and the Cavs, and so on. So yeah, it’s entirely possible Drummond pulled a power move, but it’s also unlikely that it did much to make a difference. Beilein was on his last legs before the Piston’s trade. This might of just been the final straw.