The NFL draft can help the Browns navigate Jarvis Landry being injured

Cleveland Browns Jarvis Landry (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jarvis Landry (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

The Browns are in need of receiver help with Jarvis Landry being out, and the NFL draft and free agency could be the answer to the team’s depth problem.

Jarvis Landry had hip surgery and he’ll be out of action for months. This has served as another opportunity for those of us to scream from the rooftops “THE BROWNS NEED HELP AT RECEIVER!” That was true before everyone knew about the hip surgery, and it was true after. The receiving corp for the Browns has been bad for years. The last good corp the team had may have been 2002, or 2007. From top to bottom that is. Yes, the Browns have one of the five best wide receivers going in the game right now. They even have a pretty ok-Odell Beckham still. They just have no one after that. Hopefully, the NFL Draft and the free agency period can help with that

Let’s be clear, they don’t have any backups. They have no slot receivers. They have no tight ends. They have one running back who can catch out of the backfield, but he’s always running afoul with the law, so you shouldn’t at all put your faith in him. The Browns need to look at free agents and draft prospects who can come in. The team is going to need to spend some money on one and draft another fairly high. Drafting a guy late, and just doing open tryouts, then signing some guy who was cut off of the practice squad somewhere else isn’t going to cut it.

The Browns need so much help this off-season. There are so many holes and it’s unfortunate that one of the weaknesses is the passing game with how much hype they had coming into the 2019 season but that’s just the way the fumble breaks, I guess.

The recovery time has Landry slated to return in time for the 2020 season, whatever that means. Is that OTA’s? Two-a-days? Week two of the pre-season? If he’s cleared week one of the regular seasons, you might not see him for another four or five weeks as he prepares his body again for the rigors of football. Not only that, this is the hip. Ask Isiah Thomas how unpredictable hips are with recovery. Landry could be a vastly different player when he does finally return.

If depth wasn’t a concern for you fans before, it dang sure should be now.

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