Cleveland Browns: 7 players that need to stay to rebuild the brand

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#5- DT Larry Ogunjobi

The defensive line has some hope with the edge-rushing Myles Garrett and the run-stuffing center of the line, Larry Ogunjobi. Since being drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Ogunjobi has been a pleasant surprise for the team. A good tackler who can fill the center of any offensive line to swallow gaps, Ogunjobi has shown to be reliable, healthy and consistent. He’s not on his way to becoming Aaron Donald or Warren Sapp but with his size, versatility, and quickness, Ogunjobi could be part of this team regardless of what defense they run.

New defensive coordinator Joe Woods has indicated the defense is moving from the base 4-2 disaster that the Browns ran last year back to a more traditional 4-3. With Woods coming over from the 49ers, who ran the fourth-lowest number of defensive blitz’s in the league, it’s obvious that a player like Ogunjobi is going to be valuable for the team. He’ll become a quick favorite of defensive line coach Chris Kiffin, as Kiffin seeks to implement the proper technique into the defensive line in order to better utilize their pass-rushing capabilities.

As Kiffin is the son of famed defensive coaching icon Monty Kiffin, one of the things that Chris will bring is how to properly shed pass blockers without needing a blitz package to free up a player. This will hopefully be something Ogunjobi can benefit from.