Cleveland Browns: 7 players that need to stay to rebuild the brand

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#3 – RB Nick Chubb

The Browns have never had a problem getting running backs. Since coming back in 1999, the Browns have had eight seasons who have broken 900 yards in a given season. While the likes of Trent Richardson, Isaiah Crowell, Jamal Lewis, Peyton Hillis, and Reuben Droughns don’t make too many Browns fans exactly giddy the fact is that Nick Chubb dwarfs them all.

Chubb has already had two of the top 26 rushing performances in Browns history. His 2018 campaign saw him amass 996 yards and eight touchdowns. It would’ve been 1,000 yards but he was tackled for a loss near the end of the final game after he already passed the 1,000-yard mark. In 2019 he had an even better year, nearly cracking 1,5000 yards (1,494 yards) and scored another eight touchdowns and did so averaging five yards a carry.

Chubb is clearly the centerpiece of what the Browns want to do in 2020. The focus is going to be similar to what Stefanski and company did in Minnesota, where they set up the play action pass through a steady diet of running the ball. The team will need to have several impact runners, but none more needed than Chubb. Mayfield’s progression as a quarterback will be dependent on how honest the opposing team’s defense treats the rushing attack of the Browns.

If the team has another rushing attack like they did in 2019, then Mayfield should be much better off. Hopefully, this will allow the Browns to be no longer dependent on forcing passes and trying to make plays where none exists. Chubb and the offense should easily churn out five yards a carry and dominate the point of attack for an entire game with this new offense.