Cleveland Browns: 5 reasons to trade Odell Beckham this off-season

Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Still can’t stay out of trouble

Legally, Beckham hasn’t run afoul with anything yet, that we’re aware of. Yet Beckham has a tendency to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s screaming at his coaches, laying in bed with women and doing lines of ‘white stuff’ and overall giving the New York Giants a serious concern over his maturity level. Even his friend Landon Collins admitted the team saw Beckham as a problematic personality. Something Beckham seems to be struggling with in Cleveland after just one year here.

During his lone season so far with the Browns, Beckham again had issues with the coaching staff, actively shouting at them during games. Then there was his childish approach to his gear. From wearing gaudy watches on the field and knowingly wearing cleats not approved by the league, and even wearing a visor that needed to be removed. All things NFL players are told at length to keep in mind before the season and games even start. Clearly this was Beckham not caring about the rules.

Then there was his whole LSU incident. He’s handing out money to players that could get them in trouble, and then he’s slapping grown men on the butt without their consent and all the while no one is checking him on his behavior. Let’s be clear, this is a man who feels the rules don’t apply to him. If he were on any other team, every other fan in the comments would think this man is a total diva and someone who could kill a team. So many people think Baker Mayfield shooting a few commercials in the offseason is this huge distraction.

Yet those same fans will say Beckham is ‘misunderstood’. Beckham is a walking distraction. Beckham isn’t the same player he was and is a continual embarrassment over just the dumbest stuff. It’s only a matter of time before he gets himself in real trouble.

I can’t wait to read his fanbase excusing him then.