Moving Carlos Santana from first could solve the log jam and free up space

Cleveland Indians Carlos Santana (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Carlos Santana (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Moving Carlos Santana from first base could free up the log jam the team is dealing with, allowing Bobby Bradley to start the season with the main club.

It’s been about a year since Carlos Santana played third base in a game and six since he played catcher for any real significant amount of time. Yet, the best bet to get as many big boppers in the every-day lineup as possible is to see if Santana can play third or even catcher once again. This crazy idea would see him play third base every day and would spell the starting catcher every so often to free up other spots on the team.

The idea is that with Jason Kipnis gone and off to the Chicago Cubs, that you move Jose Ramirez to second base permanently, and playing Santana at third. This would then allow Domingo Santana to play more outfield, with Framil Reyes and Bobby Bradley playing first base or being the designated hitter.

Santana, D. Santana, Reyes, and Bradley are all too valuable to not give time to, and with Bradley in shape and raking some good shots in Spring Training, it’d be a disservice to leave him down there for more than necessary. It’s time to find out what Bradley and other highly touted prospects like Bradley Zimmer can do for the club. Shuffling around some guys now, before the season starts, just to see what they can do is the best idea for filling holes without over-spending to bring back a guy like Yasiel Puig.

Yes, the team did bring in Cesar Hernandez, but he’d be the perfect utility player for the squad. He spent his time in Philadelphia splitting time in the outfield, on second, at third and over at shortstop. The versatility he brings is boundless. Fluid lineups and players who can handle multiple positions is kind of a Terry Francona staple, so in theory, it makes sense.

They probably won’t however, as C. Santana is a liability defensively, even at first. More than likely Bradley will be a late-season call-up, but if Santana could play third to any degree of success, it would open up a world of possibilities for this offense.

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