Cleveland Browns: 3 crazy trade proposals for 2020 offseason

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Cleveland Browns
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1. Browns acquire Nick Foles, 2nd & 3rd rounder from Jags

The Browns need a backup quarterback, and there may be one available in Jacksonville. After signing a lucrative deal to lead the Jaguars, injuries plagued Nick Foles and rookie Gardner Minshew took Jacksonville by storm.

There’s reports coming out of Florida that the Jags will look to move Foles, so could the Browns do something similar to what their analytically driven front office did when acquiring Brock Osweiller?

Analytic mavens praised the Browns for making an “NBA trade,” in that they took on money to add an asset in the form of a second-round draft pick (which became Nick Chubb).

With Paul DePodesta dictating strategy, it’s possible lightning could strike twice. Foles contract carries a $22 million cap hit, so the Jaguars would really have to sweeten the pot in a deal. Wonder if Cleveland could get a second- and third-round pick for Foles.

In addition to the draft picks, Foles would also correct the hole on the depth chart. Cleveland is in the market for a backup, and Foles would be a viable candidate to push Baker Mayfield.

As for the Browns, Foles contract comes with a potential out after 2020. According to Sportrac, his contract would carry $12 million in dead cap

Jacksonville’s front office is also driven by analytics, and giving up draft picks isn’t in the analytics playbook. With that said, creating cap space is a part of the analytics plan, so it depends on what the higher ups in Jacksonville value more.

With $65 million in cap space, the Browns have the room to fit Foles into the scary cap.