The Cleveland Browns’ free agency signings from day one get graded

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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The Cleveland Browns signed three major names to contracts on the first day of the NFL free agency period, yet how did each of them grade out?

The free agency period is off and running and so far no one but the Cleveland Browns have rocked the headlines quite as they did. The team walked away with FanSided’s No. 6 ranked free-agent quarterback in Case Keenum, the No.1 ranked offensive linemen in Jack Conklin, and the No.1 ranked tight end in Austin Hooper.

All three moves work. All three moves are exactly what the team needed, but not all three moves came with the right price tag in mind. To be clear, Hooper, Conklin and Keenum are all top tier talent at the positions they were brought in at; tight end, tackle and back-up quarterback. Back-up, quarterback.

So does every talent make the A-Grade? Well, what makes a player an ‘A signing’? Firstly, are they talented? Are they the top of their respective positions? Do they make the team better? Are they a position of need? Are they a younger, better option than what you had? Lastly and most importantly, did you have to vastly overpay for the production the players provide to the team?

These are all the criteria to determine if the team made the right moves. So follow along with us as we dive deep into day one of the Cleveland Browns wild first day of spending during the start of the NFL’s Free Agent period.

This won’t go badly. Cue the Men in Black references no one will get.