Cleveland Browns: Grading the Monday Morning Quarterback mock draft

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images) /
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Sport’s Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback has a new mock draft out, and we’re going to look at who they have the Cleveland Browns taking.

The Monday Morning Quarterback released their post-free agent mock draft for the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. Without getting too heavy into this review right now, most of author Kevin Hansen’s picks are exactly what this team needs, though there’s one I hugely disagree with. This mock takes into consideration major acquisitions the Cleveland Browns made this offseason, including offensive tackle Jack Conklin and tight end Austin Hooper, the two very best at their positions who were available.

With these moves, among others, the team checked off some boxes. That’s not to say the Browns are comfortable going into the NFL draft with Karl Joseph and Andrew Sendejo at safety necessarily.

Some moves were made for depth, and some were made for impact. Until the end of, say week two, of the pre-season will we really know where some of these free agents are expected to land in the depth chart. Obviously some aren’t expected to be backups, like Conklin and Hooper and it’s entirely possible that most of these defensive free agents are meant to be starters. It’s also possible they’re just being given an opportunity, an opportunity they can lose out on during training camp and pre-season.

So it’s entirely possible the team goes rogue from our expectations and takes a safety in the second round, or maybe the team might trade down and take a linebacker in the first round. So keep that in mind as we look through Hansen’s mock-picks for the Cleveland Browns. With that said, let’s get into it.