Cleveland Browns: The 21 best pass-catchers since 1999

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The Cleveland Browns have not always been the home to the best pass-catching wide receivers or tight ends in the league but here are 21 we think are swell.

The Cleveland Browns don’t always have the best track record for drafting, cultivating, curating or keeping talent. The skilled possessions for the Browns are a hodge-podge of really really good players, some really beloved grinders and the “Well, you tried” types. So for this rundown, we’re looking at the 21 best wide receivers and tight ends since 1999.

So, a little bit about how we’re doing this ranking. We’re grading out on consistency, post-season accolades, any potential records broken, versatility, and fan appreciation. So it’s possible a more popular wide receiver/returner is ranked higher than a 1,000 receiver. It’s all boiled down to what was their impact on the team. Was it a noticeable one? Were they easily replaced? That’s the type of metric we’re going to grade on.

Firstly, two honorable mentions. Firstly to Darrin Chiaverini. He only caught 555 yards over two seasons, but he was one of the first. It was Chiaverini and Kevin Johnson that first year, playing against fully formed defenses, in an era where the defenses weren’t neutered. Taken in the fifth round he had an admirable rookie year but for whatever reason, Carmen Policy wasn’t high on him and he was out of the league in four years. His son, Curtis, is hoping to get the call in the NFL Draft this year.

The next honorable mention goes to Aaron Shea. He wasn’t much of pass-catcher but he was a great pass protector and was a solid piece for the Browns for six years, blocking and catching for Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, and others. Shea’s a personal favorite of mine, and I even have his autograph somewhere in my office.

With that out of the way, however, let’s dive into the 21 best pass-catchers over the last 21 seasons.

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