Cleveland Browns: 6 biggest one-hit wonders since 1999

Cleveland Browns Peyton Hillis (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Peyton Hillis (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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5. Kelly Holcomb

Before Derek Anderson, Kelly Holcomb looked like the man who would rescue the Browns at quarterback.

And just like Anderson, all Holcomb really did was cause a quarterback controversy, win the job, and then not live up to expectations.

That said, Holcomb did give Browns’ fans some exciting football to watch, as he helped the Browns attain their only playoff appearance since 1999. In 2002, he filled in midway through the year when Couch battled injuries. The former No. 1 pick eventually returned to rip off some wins toward the end of the year, but broke his leg in the regular-season finale.

In came Holcomb, who got the start against the Steelers in the Wild Card playoff game.  Holcomb balled out, throwing for 429 yards and three scores as the Browns almost shocked their division rival. Had Dennis Northcutt caught a pass at the end of the game to secure a first down, Cleveland would’ve gone on to win.

Holcomb went into training camp the next season and won the job from Couch. Then head coach Butch Davis called it a”Gut feeling.”

Davis’ stomach led him astray, because as It turns out, Holcomb wasn’t the franchise quarterback everyone expected him to be. Davis kept going back and forth between his two signal callers and neither worked out.

Holcomb ended his Browns’ career 4-9 as a starter.  He played for Buffalo in 2005. His final season came with the Vikings in 2007.