Despite a rough decade, the Cleveland Browns get some deserved credit

The Cleveland Browns have had a rough go of it over the last decade(s) but the NFL rightfully acknowledged Alex Mack and Joe Thomas on the All-Decade team.

It’s hard being a Cleveland Browns fan. This isn’t a new statement either. It’s been this way since the ’70s. Browns fans, hell – Cleveland fans in general, have had to deal with loss and disappointment on a tri-seasonal basis it seems like. Even when a team is great they still fall short somehow. The Cavs magical year where they won the title? The franchise didn’t make a dollar in profit. See, they still found a way to lose. So it’s amazing that Cleveland fans got a nice reprieve with the announcement that Alex Mack and Joe Thomas are being honored on the All-Decade team.

The Browns aren’t known for the elite level players. To have two names like Mack and Thomas on this list is a huge honor, even if Mack tried to leave like a run-away bride after every season ended. At least that’s how it felt with him. Mack was never that big of a fan of Cleveland, at least not a big enough fan to scorn the advancements of the south. Seeing him as a Falcon hurts because he’s a genuine future-Hall of Famer.

Thomas on the other hand never thought about leaving; until his arm was hanging at his side like Woody from Toy Story in his last game. At that point, no one blames him for going, “Yup, peace out, I’m done”. He loves Cleveland like WWE’s forced mantra, then, now, forever. He was always going to be on this list, and there’s no denying that. He was literally the greatest to ever play his position. Let me clarify that because it might be a bit muddy. I don’t mean he was the best-left tackle ever. I don’t mean he was the best tackle ever. I mean he was the best linemen ever. Full stop.

With Mack and Thomas being obvious nods, I can’t help but wonder why Joe Haden was left off the list? Haden is still and has always been a better player than Tyrann Mathieu. Haden got jibbed, and that’s a wrong that should’ve been righted but hey, I didn’t get a vote.

Still, to have two (three*) names that are (should) be on the list is still a win for Browns’ fans. Tip your cap, raise your glass and give thanks to those men who broke their bodies for our amusement.

And millions and millions of dollars.

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