4 Cleveland Cavaliers who’ve likely played last game for team

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2. Kevin Love

The race is on. Who gets traded first?, Kevin Love or Odell Beckham? Both have been traded in the media about 100 times since they first arrived in Cleveland.

While there’s no new rumor linking Cleveland’s stretch-4 anywhere, new, it just seems like this is the time to move him.

Things seemed to get better after JB Bickerstaff replaced John Beilein, but few will forget that Love was cranky for the better part of the season and grew visibly upset with the on-court play of his younger teammates.

When play resumes, the Cavs will still be a long way from contending for the playoffs, and it just doesn’t seem like something Love will be a part of.

As everyone expected, there were rumors swirling around Love during February’s trade deadline, but it was reported the Cavs weren’t getting the type of offers they thought they should be getting for their All-Star caliber playing.

With three years and $90 million remaining on his deal, it’s unlikely a team is going to give up much to get Love, and it’s ultimately a tough pill the Cavs will have to swallow.